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How much does it cost?
A license signing only is $45, and a simple ceremony starts at $100. Video weddings also available. Package prices are on our How It Works page.

Where are your officiants licensed to marry people?
All of our officiants are registered with the City Clerk to perform weddings in New York City.

My partner and I are of different faiths. Can you still marry us?


Can we have a secular wedding?​

All of our weddings are secular by default. But all faiths are of course welcome.

Do you require a blood test?


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Venmo, PayPal, credit cards and cash.​

We're early. Can we be seen right away as a walk-in?

Yes. While we cannot accept true walk-ins at this time, if you have an appointment and are early, you can have the next available slot. However, if you arrive early and a wedding is already in progress, you will not be able to wait in the building. (Alas, we have no waiting room.)

Can we have guests?

Yes, 1 guest is allowed at this time. However, there are many local bars, restaurants and coffee shops where the rest of your party can wait for you in comfort (or start the party early) only a few steps away (available free as a printed map or a downloadable .pdf)!

What if we have more than the maximum number of guests?

Feel free to Skype or Zoom them in! We have super-fast wifi.

Can we bring our own photographer?

You betcha! And no, it won't count against your guest total.

We don't have a license yet. How do we get one?
Basically, you go online to the City Clerk's Office and fill out the paperwork. You'll get a confirmation number that you bring (with your partner and IDs) to any City Hall in any of the 5 boroughs. $35 later they'll give you the license that you bring to your appointment (see next question). That's it in a nutshell! (As of 6/1/20 you can get an emailed license from the Clerk instead.)

For how long is the license valid?

You can apply for and pick up your license NO MORE THAN 60 DAYS and NO LESS THAN 24 HOURS prior to your anticipated wedding date. The second part is important: it means that you can't pick up your license and get married on the same day. (But the good news is that if you get it on Friday, you won't have to wait until Monday anymore because we're open all weekend. You're welcome.)

We already have our license. How do we make an appointment?
You can call, email, or make an appointment online.

Can we get an appointment today?

Yes! Just be sure to have your valid NYS or NYC license (obtained no more than 60 days and no less than 24 hours prior) with you. However, we cannot take walk-ins at this time.

What if something happens and we have to miss our appointment? Can we reschedule?

Of course! Life happens, we get it. We'll be happy to reschedule your service for a later date, and we'll apply your payment toward the new appointment.

If we don't reschedule, can we get a refund?

Yes, for all but the $45 signing fee. 

Do we need a witness?
Yes. But we will provide one if it's just the two of you.

What if we don't have an appointment, and a wedding is already in session?

Glad you asked! We made a handy little map of the neighborhood to help you find everything you need from pre-wedding plans to post-wedding parties, all within a few blocks. Check it out here.

What if the main door to the building is locked?

We share a space in a large office building that keeps different hours than we do. So if you find the main door is not open, just give us a ring and we will come and get you!

Where are you located in the building itself?

Downstairs. Whether you take the stairs or the elevator, go left, cross the open lobby area toward the Watchman's Office, and then make another left down that hallway.

How do we get the photo(s)?
We'll give you a link to either a Google Photos album or a Dropbox folder from which you can access and download your photos.

Do you offer video?

Yes, for an additional fee.

Where can I buy that cool (bouquet/tie/decoration/etc.) I saw in your place?

Glad you asked! Visit our Artists' Gallery to see who made all the pretty things.

Do you marry LGBTQ couples?

Of course! This is New York City. EVERYONE is welcome here! We even have multiple sets of matching bouquets and boutonnieres!

My partner or myself identifies as non-binary. Can we get a gender-neutral service?

Yes! Just tell us what pronouns you would like us to use.

Do you offer services in Spanish?

Yes, but not all of our officiants are bilingual. (Yet. We're working on it.) Call or email us for availability.

Someone in my party has limited mobility. Can you still accommodate us?

Yes, you'll just need to give us a heads-up. While the building itself has an elevator, it also inexplicably lacks an entrance ramp. We will assist you with the front step.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! Enter code THANKS4SERVICE when you book your appointment, and all NYC EMS/PD/Fire and military personnel will get $25 off with valid ID (to be deducted from total). Thank you for your service! 

INSTANT ELOPEMENTS: New York City's first and only after-hours, walk-in wedding chapel.
Because love doesn't end when City Hall closes.

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